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Eltec does not supply Consumer Grade Pyros. The Information given here is for Reference Purposes

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Pyroelectric Detectors, Obsolete

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This small detector is used in many instruments to detect gases, heat and laser radiation

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What are Pyroelectric Detectors ?

Pyroelectric Detectors are so called thermal detectors.
Unlike silicon photocells or solar cells that convert radiation directly into an electrical output, thermal detectors are more like solar collectors. The collector is heated up by the sun's radiation, and a thermometer registrates the temperature increase.
In our pyroelectric detectors, a tiny thin wafer made of lithium-tantalate (a quartz-like cristalline material) acts as a collector, and thanks to its pyroelectric properties, the temperature increase is converted to an output signal. A pyroelectric crystal absorbs radiation energy, heats up and delivers an output signal.
As a consequence, pyroelectric detectors are independent of the wavelength of the radiation, that makes them especially useful in the mid- and long wavelength infrared, for mm waves and UV, where few other detectors are available.
Eltec pyroelectric detectors cover the full spectrum from soft x-rays to mm waves.
For better understanding, refer to this Tutorial, Wikipedia or our Datanote 100.

Sensors for the Environment of the Future

Eltec Instruments manufactures sensors for a large variety of environmental parameters. Eltec sensors can measure cloud temperature and detect atmospheric gases A typical application of Eltec detectors is the capture of the full solar energy spectrum from UV to IR
Eltec pyroelectric detectors can sense and measure a large number of environmental parameters: The solar spectrum from UV to far infrared, cloud and sky temperature, backscattering, CO2 and other gas concentrations, pollution, and the remote detection of wood fires. Non-contact temperature sensing helps optimizing building insulation and increase efficiency for energy conservation.

Applications in Mid-range (thermal) Infrared

Rattlesnakes can see warm objects in the dark - the same way as pyroelectric detectors do. This is what a pyroelectric detector sees in the dark.
In the infrared range of 5 to 25 microns wavelength, the inherent self radiation of every object can be used for detection. The same way as rattlesnakes can see a mouse in the dark.
Applications include people and vehicle sensing (professional security systems), animal detection, "hotbox" detection of overheated bearings on trains passing by, and industrial sensing (position, filling level, hot glue / hot melt application, non-contact temperature control).
Eltec detectors can see overheated breaks and bearings in railroad cars and many other places in the machine industry. Pyroelectric detectors give information on position AND temperature

Eltec Pyroelectric Detectors in Laser Applications

Eltec pyroelectric detectors help to focus high energy laser beams of any wavelength. Eltec 2- and 4-quadrant laser detectors allow accurate positioning of laser beams. Accurate and reliable energy monitoring is crucial for medical laser applications.
The inherent stability of the Eltec pyroelectric detectors makes them the choice for all kind of laser beam monitoring and calibration. Dual and quad element detectors are used to control focus and position. Eltec laser detectors are used in research, industry and medical equipment.

Eltec Pyroelectric Detectors for Fire and Gas Detection

The high sensitivity, wide viewing angle and fast response make Eltec pyroelectric detectors the choice for fire detectors in industry and against forest fires.
oscillating CO2 molecule radiates/absorbs at 4.3 microns
Gases have characteristic emission / absorption spectra in the infrared, due to molecular oscillations. Eltec pyroelectric detectors with narrow band filters can detect fires and analyze gases and aerosols.

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